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Healing stress, anxiety and chronic pain without drugs, surgery or psychology

The Rubenstein Method™ is a non invasive, non medical, rapid recovery therapy that uses Kinetic Sequencing™, a new discovery in medical science, to calibrate the brain and body to permanently reduce/eliminate stress, anxiety and chronic pain.

We all know that the brain controls the body, but few realize that the reverse is also true. A great way to think about it is if the brain is like a computer, then the body is like the keyboard. Now imagine that there was a way to "speak" to the brain and get it to reduce stress hormone production while recognizing and aligning certain muscles and bones such that the source of your stress and chronic pain could be dealt with directly. By oxygenating your brain and then activating and calibrating muscles in your body with Kinetic Sequencing™ that is exactly what we are now able to do.

Dr. Rubenstein Speaks at Sovereign Health
The staff at Sovereign Health learn about new ways to reduce stress
and anxiety using the Rubenstein Method.
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David rubenstein, Ph.D

About Dr David Rubestein

David Rubenstein earned his doctoral degree in Medical Science from California Trinity University where he also held the position of Director of Curriculum Design for their PhD program in Pain Management. He is a Senior Clinical Instructor at White Memorial Medical Center in Los Angeles at the Craniofacial Pain Clinic.

Dr. Rubenstein has been helping people heal their stress, anxiety and chronic pain since 2004 in Southern California and nationally. Read More


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